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Making Data Meaningful with Angular & Kendo UI

In the era of big data and analytics, companies gain a marked competitive advantage by fully leveraging their data to get a better understanding of their customer base. There are many ways to go about mining this data, but here at Decypher, we’ve started building a new generation of applications using JavaScript frameworks, HTML5 and […]

Setting Small Goals

When I first decided I wanted to make SQL my career, I had to figure out what I needed to do in order to achieve my goal. At this point I had been using SQL to do various small tasks at my previous employer, but I had not used it to any large degree. I […]

Finding Early Success

Two months after hiring Prem, I was fortunate to pick up another smart guy.  Sean Fambrough joined our team in November 2005, with a lot of energy, plenty of ideas and a skillset that complemented Prem’s background perfectly.  The success of a small company often hinges on early hiring decisions and I was lucky to […]