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Hire People Smarter Than You

In Decypher’s early years, I was developing desktop “applications” using Microsoft Access.  I was developing out of an attic bedroom in our Berkley, Michigan bungalow.  I was one guy and a computer working to support my young family.   My background was finance and economics and besides a weekend MS Access course, I had no formal […]

2017 Black Friday Results and Holiday Spending Plans

Black Friday 2017 Black Friday is the most popular in-store shopping day of the year, and this year was no different, with 77 million people breaking down the doors of their local mall after Thanksgiving dinner.  Black Friday weekend spending (5 day period from Thursday to Monday) averaged $335.47 per person, with 75% of that going […]

The Analysis vs. Reporting Dilemma: The Genesis of Decypher

After graduating from college, my first job was working as a business analyst at a large company.  I was excited by the job description and the prospects of being part fortune teller (forecasting), part navigator (strategic planning) and part sleuth (trend analysis and root cause Investigation).  As the years went by, I realized my true […]