Out-Of-The-Box Self-Service Solutions with Carriots Analytics

Architected for an optimized self-service user experience.  Carriots Analytics speeds up data visualization, exploration, and discovery.

Real-Time Interactive Visualization
Optimized for visualization and computational performance.
Self-Service User Experience
Drag & drop GUI, data previews and user workflows for the novice and BI professional.
True Cloud Based Analytics
Multi-tenant architecture. Zero software footprint. Get started in minutes.

Easily connect to your data sources and engines

And More

Other Features

End-to-End Security Encryption – Data-in-flight is SSL encrypted. Data-at-Rest is secured by multiple layers of industry accepted protocols.


Analytical Data Engine Included In-memory columnar data engine provides interactive, on-the-fly data analysis. Or bring your own engine, leverage existing data warehouses investment.


One Flat Fee, Everyone is an Author – Author/Viewer profiles can be managed on a by-project basis. Unlimited reports & dashboards. No per data sources, reports, pages or dashboards fees.

Multiple Data Source Report Mashups – Easily link/join multiple data sources. Create dynamic dashboards and charts containing data from multiple sources


Flexible SaaS/On-premise Licensing – Patented licensing model enables values and loading users for cloud, managed services, or on-premise environments.


User-specified Data Engine Assignment – Use Carriot’s analytics or set any source, DB or data engine as the default engine. Directly analyze data sources using a preferred data engine.

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