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Customized Data Reporting Tools

responsive web applications

Customized, in-house developed applicationsspecifically designed for your project.

dashboards and data analytics

Evaluate top-level KPIs at a glance withthe option to drill down for more detail.

connect multiple data sources

We consolidate your data from all different sourcesto bring everything into one, easy to manage place.

automated data reporting

Our applications give you automated, daily metrics from across your business.

enterprise data warehousing

Data drives business, and having the right data in front of you at the right time makes all the difference.

customizable security

Keep sensitive data protected and control who can see specific metrics and reports.


A visual representation of chronological events. Timelines are very beneficial for scheduling and planning out the process of projects.

our development theory

element By providing the option to develop a unique application for every client, we ensure that each program is the best fit for your needs. Our designers present clients with graphical depictions of applications prior to development, which allows the client to visualize before the build. The end result is a shorter project time and increased customer satisfaction. Our developers are experts at structuring data so results and graphics appear quickly and the tools represent meaningful results. Once deployed, we will work with you to ensure that the application continues to serve your needs. Changes to the application can be quickly developed when new opportunities arise.


Requirements Analysis

We believe that understanding your business is the foundation of our work.


Proof of Concept

Our design team mocks up what the finished application will look like before any development is started.


Project Development

After the mock design has been approved, our team of in-house developers builds the perfect program for your needs.


Squashing the Bugs

Our developers rigorously test all applications before initial customer testing.


Project Goes Live

After many hours of development and testing, our team walks the client through the project to ensure a seamless production deployment.


After the Launch

After a successful product launch, we are here to assist clients with questions or expansions.

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Learn what makes our company successful.

clear, actionable data

Learn about some of the Benefits

dashboards and data analytics

Clearly display the metrics you care about at every level of the organization.

make informed decisions

Access the information you need when you need it so you can make key decisions based on data.

increase efficiency

Easily organize and filter information, so you can quickly find what you need.

stay on track

Utilize goals and milestones to keep your organization running smoothly.

drill down

Go from Executive to Producer

Simple navigation to easily find exactly what
you are looking for.

connect all your data

Data consolidation for increased efficiency

Direct integration with your company’s data allows for fast, actionable data.

export your data

Easily export page views to a versatile file format

Share data with your team and
easily create reports.

set customized alerts

To stay on top of goals

Never fall behind or miss milestones again with customized trigger and alert features.